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Ammonite Section

A polished Ammonite, with beautiful striations. Coloured grey black and brown this is a nice example. Thenitem 8s in great

Two Limoges Boxes

Two Limoge Boxes. These little boxes are very attractive and highly collectable. One is in the form of a casket

Silver Caddy Spoon

Silver Caddy Spoon. An unusual silver caddy spoon hallmarked for Sheffield 1927. The spoon has a narrow yet deep bowl

Wildfowlers Duck Call

Wildfowlers Duck Call. A well made and nicely turned duck call for a Mallard. Polished and banded at both the

Salt glazed moon flask

A Victorian salt glazed, moon shaped vase. Light brown to the bottom, dark brown to the top. Impressed with a

Silver Pill Pot

Silver Pill Pot. A nice little silver pot with some pretty floral decoration to both the body and lid. The

Early 20th Century Samson of Paris Box

Early 20th Century Samson of Paris Box. This very pretty little box is nicely painted in a classic french style.

19th Century Continental Sifter

19th Century Continental Sifter. This pretty little sifter from the 19th century is heavily decorated with the royal blue bands

9ct Gold & Amethyst Brooch

9ct Gold & Amethyst Brooch. A pretty little gold brooch with a nice Amethyst stone set in the centre. A

Staffordshire figure

Staffordshire pottery figure of a seated man and woman. Nice subject and good condition. From around 1860. H = 21

Continental Tea Caddy

Continental Tea Caddy. This nice early 20th century caddy is heavily inspired by the Japanese culture .The body has brightly

Beswick Palamino Horse

Beswick Palamino Horse. This beautiful piece of Beswick is in the form of a fine standing Palamino horse. Wonderfully coloured

Beswick Palamino Prancing Horse

Beswick Palamino Prancing Horse. This lovely piece of Beswick captures the movement and joy of the equine beast perfectly. Expressive

Georgian Cutlery Box

A lovely Georgian cutlery box with 3 sections, a brass handle and the under side is covered in felt. In

Small Staffordshire poodle with basket

Very small, very decorative Staffordshire porcelain poodle holding a basket of flowers in it’s mouth. Good condition with no damage,

Large Georgian Newhall Teapot and Stand

Large Georgian Newhall Teapot and Stand. An unusually large teapot from the Staffordshire manufacturers Newhall (1781-1835). Nicely decorated with an

1960s Teak Mirror

Stylish mid-century wall mirror. Can be hung vertically or horizontally. From around 1969. In good clean, original condition. H =

19th Century Sailors Mallet

19th Century Sailors Mallet. This tool was used by a Sailor to help him in the sail making process. The

Webb Corbett Glass Bowl

Webb Corbett Glass Bowl. This wonderfully colourful bowl is from the renowned manufacturer and designers Webb Corbett. Webb Corbett were

Whitefriars Style Vase

A good example of Whitefriars style glass. This stylish vase is amethyst in colour with varying degrees of shade .

Rare Silver Gilt and Guilloche Enamel Spoons

Rare Silver Gilt and Guilloche Enamel Spoons. This beautiful spoons are very well made and have their own distinct colourful

Art Nouveau Pewter Bowl

Art Nouveau Pewter Bowl. The pretyy piece of Continental Art Nouveau Pewter is in the form of an oval bowl.

Beswick Trotting Shire Horse

Gentle, Beswick ‘Trotting Horse (Shire)’ Model No. 975. Large dapple grey stallion with a gloss finish and a strong muscular

Clarice Cliff Lilypad Vase

Art Deco Lilypad Vase by Clarice Cliff of Newport Pottery Co. in England. With pale pink glaze on the petals