The Sovereign Piece 2017 Brilliant Genuine 200th Anniversary COA Royal Mint


A beautiful 2017 Sovereign Piece.

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A beautiful 2017 Sovereign Piece.

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of the modern Sovereign with this unique 22 karat gold coin

22 Karat Gold Coin

The design on this Brilliant 22 karat gold coin, and features Benedetto Pistrucci’s original design, St George and the Dragon, in addition to a full garter border and inscription, as originally intended. The obverse bears the most recent coinage portrait of the Queen by Royal Mint coin designer Jody Clark.

The reverse features the Royal Mint’s fifth portrait of the Queen. It’s accompanied by a booklet and hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity.

The Sovereign

The Sovereign is The Royal Mint’s flagship coin. Originally dating back over 500 years, it was reintroduced in the 19th century, and is famous for its unrivalled accuracy, and its classic St George and the Dragon design. The gold coin is usually struck each year as a commemorative coin and as an internationally recognised bullion coin – 2017, of course, marks a special bicentennial.