Japanese Bronze Figure

A Japanese statue of a warrior with a removable bow, the figure can be seen wearing armor and holding a

Italian Bronze Group Figure

A very impressive Italian bronze figure showing a woman and 2 child standing on a marble base, The statue is

Art Deco Metal Dog Sculpture

A good metal sculpture very nicely cast with fine detailing around the face . The dog sits proudly atop a

Chinese Watercolour Painting

A fine genuine antique Chinese watercolour painting on rice paper circa 1900. Figures from Chinese mythology including the eight immortals

Vintage Advertising Space Picture

Original hand coloured and drawn mixed media art work advertising Dibro (Dickinson Bros) space toy set. Decorative 1960s print later

Royal Worcester Urn

A Royal Worcester Urn. This pretty piece has a gilded neck tapering down to a bulbous body . Decorated with

Royal Worcester Floral Vase

Royal Worcester Vase decorated with flowers. A slim neck tapers down into a bulbous body nicely decorated with scarlet and

Royal Doulton Jardinier

A Royal Doulton Jardinier featuring the famous Blue Children design. This rare piece is unusally large for the Blue Children

T. Prince 1917 “Arab tent”

A stunning canvas painting by T. Prince in 1917 named “Arab tent” in which there are serval animals taking shelter

Robert Morden Worcester map

An Edwardian framed Robert Morden map of Worcester, great detail and quality. In good condition, dated 1695 and originated in

Robert Morden Northamptonshire map

A framed Robert Morden map of Northamptonshire, great detail and quality. Dated 1766 and originated in the UK. H =

Oval painting on glass

Beautiful oval reverse painting on glass. Brass frame with augmented by Royal blue stones. Signed Willey, circa 1930. Perfect condition.

Murano Art Glass Vase

Murano free blown Art Glass vase. Blue and red decoration with Aventurine copper flecks. Very large, very good quality and

Matched pair of Art Deco wall sconces

A very stylish near pair of Art Deco wall sconces circa 1930. Asymmetrical tubular column curving around leafs and foliage

Pair of English Schools of dogs

A pair of English Schools oil on canvas paintings of dogs in original gilded frames. Good condition and originated in

Art Deco skating girl

Very stylish silvered spelter Art Deco depiction of a girl ice skating. Standing on a marble base, captures the speed

A Hubert Dalwood Aluminium Sculpture

A Hubert Dalwood Aluminium Sculpture. Organic in form with various stylised geometric shapes the piece was originally commissioned for New

18th century wood carving of Adam

A wonderful 18th century oak carving of Adam. This wonderful old piece has some real character and a great patina.

Giovanni Barbaro Pair

A pair wonderful paintings by Giovannu Barbaro, Italy. Surrounded in gilt glazed frames and in good condition. H = 64