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Pair of Royal Worcester Posy Vases

Pair of Royal Worcester Posy Vases. These exquisite Royal Worcester Fallen Fruit Posy Vases, hand-painted by the talented artist Roberts,

Majolica Bear Jug

Majolica Bear Jug. This exquisite Majolica vase, created by the skilled hands of George Skey in Tamworth between 1880 and

Minton Cherub with Cornucopia

Minton Cherub with Cornucopia. This wonderful Minton Cherub figurine, crafted circa 1876-1877, embodies the qulaities of Minton. Adorned with celestial

Pair of Peking Cameo Glass Vases

Pair of Peking Cameo Glass Vases. These exquisite early 20th-century Peking Cameo Glass Vases showcase a stunning blend of craftsmanship

19th Century Slipware Bird Whistle

A large ceramic bird-shaped whistle with a streak effect slipware glazing. Adorned with smaller birds and centered on a unique

Skinner Walker & Co. Yorkshire Money Box

Elegant ceramic money box, the embodiment of Victorian pottery. With hand painted floral bouquets to all four sides and border

Frederick Rhead Midsummer’s Night Dream Vase

Frederick Rhead Midsummer’s Night Dream Vase. The Frederick Rhead Intarsio Vase intricately captures the enchanting worlds of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s

Le Manceau Art Deco Buffaloes

Lemanceau Art Deco Buffaloes. Presenting a captivating duo of ceramic Art Deco buffaloes meticulously crafted by the renowned artist Charles

Moorcroft Yacht Vase

Moorcroft Yacht Vase. Moorcroft Yacht Vase. Exquisite and captivating, the Moorcroft vase adorned with the enchanting Florian Yacht pattern is

Grays Pottery Plate

Grays Pottery Plate. Exquisite and timeless, the Grays pottery plate from the years 1933-1950 is a captivating testament to artistic

Frederick Rhead Large Baghdad Vase

Frederick Rhead Large Bagdad Vase. A classic example of Rheads earthenware work which was ahead of its time. The Bagdad

Rare French Longwy Bowl

This rare French Longwy bowl from the late 19th to early 20th century showcases a captivating cream and green color

19th Century Imari Fretwork Plate

19th Century Imari Fretwork Plate. The 19th-century Imari fretwork plate showcases exquisite craftsmanship and intricate design. Its delicate porcelain surface

Two Nosegay Clarice Cliff Plates

Two Nosegay Clarice Cliff Plates. Two beautiful Art Deco plates from the famous designer. Oval in form with a light

Royal Worcester Blush Flat Back Jug

Royal Worcester Blush Flatback Jug. A delightful little piece from the renowned Royal Worcester factory. Floral imagery is handpainted in

Fabulous 19th Century Westerwald Charger

Fabulous 19th Century Westerwald Charger. This stunning piece is most likely from the Siegburg area of Germany and this type

Katzhutte Porcelain Lady

Katzhutte Porcelain Lady. A beautiful lady sitting on a sofa in large flowing pink and purple dress with bonnet. Well

Tall Royal Doulton Flambe Vase

Tall Royal Doulton Flambe Vase. A superb piece from Royal Doulton’s Flambe collection. This tall, elegant vase has a delightful

Moorcroft ‘ Lily of the Valley’ Vase

Moorcroft ‘ Lily of the Valley’ Vase. A limited edition Moorcroft piece of 500 designed By Emma Bossons. An attractive

Large Royal Crown Derby Plate

Large Royal Crown Derby Plate. An attractive and highly collectable plate from the Royal Crown Derby Factory. Decorated in the

Large Art Deco Grays Plate

Large Art Deco Grays Plate. A stunning Art Deco plate decorated with orange and yellow floral designs against a varied

Pair of Samson Armorial Vases

Pair Samson Armorial Vases. A superb pair of lidded Samson vases. Each vase is baluster in form.with pink, purple and

Large Oval Bowl by Samson of Paris

Large Oval Samson of Paris Bowl. A stunning and highly attractive bowl from the renowned Paris manufacturers. The bowl is

Moorcroft Hepatica Trumpet Vase

Moorcroft Hepatica Trumpet Vase. A nice floral example from Moorcroft. A yellow background hosts violet and purple Hepatica with prurple