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Victorian Blue & White Minton Teapot

Victorian Blue & White Minton Teapot. An attractive and stylish Blue and White Teapot from the famous ceramic manufacturers. An

Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian Lustre Vase

Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian Lustre Vase. This stunning vase is well decorated with stylised floral imagery and a fine blue and

Rare Minton Majolica Strawberry Stand

Rare Minton Majolica Strawberry Stand. This fantastic piece of Minton is in the form of a strawberry dish. The piece

Art Deco Katzhutte Dancing Lady

Art Deco Katzhutte Dancing Lady. This fabulous piece from the famous German factory is in the form of a beautiful

Beswick Trio of Lions

Beswick Trio of Lions. An engaging set from the famed Beswick factory. A trio of lions comprising a large male,

Beswick Tiger & Tigress

Beswick Tiger & Tigress. These fantastic pair of animals have been beautifully coloured with some superb detail applied to each.

Beswick Leopard

Beswick Leopard. A striking Leopard from the Beswick Factory. Superbly modelled by Arthur Gredington, this large cat has incredible detail

Three Georgian Coalport Plates

Three Georgian Coalport Plates. A good set of Coalport plates with illustrations of the counties of Westmoreland (with a green

Pair of Ironstone Vases

Pair of Ironstone Vases. A stunning pair of deep blue Ironstone Vases. Decorated with butterflies and a exotic bird to

Derby Figure of a Bagpiper & Dog

Derby Figure of a Bagpiper & Dog. The piper is very well modelled and is sitting on a green bocage

Large Royal Doulton Flambe Vase

Large Royal Doulton Flambe Vase. A stunning large vase from the renowned ceramic company. The neck is shaded and tapers

18th Century Creamware Teapot

18th Century Creamware Teapot. A very pretty creamware teapot circa 1770. Beautifully decorated with red, pink and blue flora this

Royal Worcester Cattle Vase

Royal Worcester Cattle Vase. This classic little vase from Royal Worcester has two Highland Cattle grazing in a Glen. The

Royal Worcester Christening Mug by Roberts

Royal Worcester Christening Mug by Roberts. A finely made Christening Mug from Royal Worcester’s fallen fruit collection. The fallen fruit

Moorcroft Oberon Vase

Moorcroft Oberon Vase. This stunning Moorcroft vase has been wonderfully designed by Rachel Bishop. Pink, Yellow, and deep purple Honeysuckle

Royal Doulton Flambe Fox

Royal Doulton Flambe Fox. This adorable little fox comes from Royal Doulton’s Flambe Centenary Collection. Finely formed into a sitting

Moorcroft Verley Pattern Vase

Moorcroft Verley Pattern Vase. A wonderfully refreshing piece of Moorcroft design by Rachel Bishop, from the New Forest series. Ovoid

Royal Worcester Peacock Potpourri Pot

Rare Royal Worcester peacock potpourri pot signed by ‘F. J. BRAY’. In incredible condition, with only slight age related wear

Royal Worcester Cream Jug

Roayl Worcester Cream Jug. A stunning mid 20th century piece from Royal Worcester. The cream jug is of good size

Royal Worcester Pot Pourri

Royal Worcester Pot Pourri. This fine early 20th century example from Royal Worcester is in the form of a pot

Superb Royal Doulton Pointer

Royal Doulton Pointer. A truly wonderful portrait of a British pointer. This versatile field dog has been captured in it’s

Royal Doulton Flambe Elephant and Young

Royal Doulton Flambe Elephant and Young. This fine piece of Royal Doulton is by Eric Griffiths. The mother elephant can

Rare Royal Doulton Squat Flambe Vase

Rare Royal Doulton Squat Flambe Vase. This rare shaped vase from the flambe collection has the traditional silhouette design of

Large Royal Doulton Flambe Cat

Large Royal Doulton Flambe Cat. This fabulous sitting cat has been modelled by one of Royal Doultons best known talents