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Two Royal Worcester Cabinet Plates

Two Superb Royal Worcester Cabinet Plates. These fine plates have been painted by Royal Worcester artists Hughes and Skerrett. A

Pair of 19th Century Imari Vases

Pair of 19th Century Imari Vases. These highly desirable pair of double gourd Imari vases are decorated in the traditional

Pair Porcelain & Ormolu Candlesticks

A wonderful pair of French 19th century candlesticks. Decorated with a lovely blue background and heavily adorned with lots of

Pair of Royal Worcester Kingfisher Vases

Pair of Royal Worcester King Fisher Vases. This beautiful pair of Royal Worcester vases have been exquisitely painted by the

Royal Worcester Fruit Painted Pot and Cover

A beautifully painted pot and cover from one of Royal Worcesters finest artists, William Ricketts. Decorated in fine detail with

9 Flow Blue Storage Jars

Collection of 9 Flow Blue storage jars. Classic European earthenware for the kitchen, impressive as a set with 7 French

Royal Worcester Baluster Vase

Royal Worcester Baluster Vase. This pretty example from the Royal Worcester factory has a beautiful peacock sat upon a perch

Early 20th Century Sitzendorf Parrot

Early 20th Century Sitzendorf Parrot. This wonderfully colourful bird sits atop a tree brach covered in green foliage .The bird

Swansea Cambrian Pottery cow creamer

With cover Welsh 1764 1870 Horns restored

Royal Worcester Coffee Can and Saucer

Royal Worcester Coffee Can and Saucer. This large coffee can is nicely decorated with plums and grapes whilst the saucer

Moorcroft Bellahouston Vase

Moorcroft Bellahouston Vase. A fabulous modern piece of Moorcroft inspired by the works of Rennie Mackintosh. This tall elegant vase

Royal Worcester Scalloped Edge Dish

Royal Worcester Scalloped Edge Dish. This fine piece from the Worcester factory is superbly decorated with fallen fruit. The fruit

18th Century Staffordshire Bomboniere

This beautiful little Bomboniere comes in the form of an egg. Exquisitely decorated with pink, blue and yellow flowers this

Delft Tea Cannister

Delft Tea Cannister. A rare delft tea cannister . Decorated with classic delft colouring with various Chinese imagery of figures

Royal Worcester Fallen Fruit Dish

Royal Worcester Fallen Fruit Dish. A fine litttle example of fallen fruit. This frilled dish sits on a part gilded

Pair Chinese Vases on Stands

Pair of Chinese vases on stands. An attractive pair of vases decorated with stylised flora and on one can be

Royal Worcester Flat Back Jug

Royal Worcester Flat Back Jug. This beautiful piece of Worcester is well decorated with crimson and pink roses. A nicely

Samson of Paris Tea caddy

19th Century Samson of Paris Porcelain Tea Caddy. This fabulous example from the renowned Samson factory is beautifully painted with

Royal Worcester Cottage Vase

Royal Worcester Cottage Vase. This nice little vase has been lovingly handpainted by the famed Raymond Rushton. A beautiful scene

Royal Worcester Rose Vase

Royal Worcester Roses Vase. A nice Royal Worcester vase in baluster form. Painted by Hadley and comprising pink and crimson

19th Century Samson of Paris Bowl

19th Century Samson of Paris Bowl. This stunning late 19th century piece is a fine example of the famous French

Royal Worcester Bottle Vase

Royal Worcester Bottle Vase. This lovely litte Royal Worcester piece has been beutifully handpainted by the renowned Albert Schuck. A

Royal Worcester short vase

Small, shaped vase by Royal Worcester. Bold body painted with blackberries, gilded handles and neck. Labelled to base. Excellent quality

C.H. Branham Fish Mouth Jug

C H Branham fish jug . This highly collectable piece is glazed in brown and greens with the fish head