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Troika Cube Jar

Troika Cornwall cube jar signed ‘SB’. Geometric shapes and designs decorate each side, mostly neutral coloured glazing with an abundance

Moorcroft Bellahouston Vase

Moorcroft Bellahouston Vase. A fabulous modern piece of Moorcroft inspired by the works of Rennie Mackintosh. This tall elegant vase

Yellow Moorcroft Bowl

Bright and cheerful yellow Moorcroft bowl decorated inside with the trio of Hibiscus pattern, and two hibiscus on the outer

Royal Doulton Flambe Vase

Royal Doulton Flambe vase, signed ‘Noke’ with the number ‘7754’ and Royal Doulton mark. This vase displays the typical deep

Royal Doulton Flambe Elephant

Royal Doulton Flambe Elephant. This attractive piece of Royal Doulton is in the form of an elephant. The beast has

Royal Doulton Flambe Duck

Royal Doulton Flambe Duck. A good little piece of Royal Doulton Flambe. The duck is in a upright posture with

Royal Doulton Flambe Cat

Royal Doulton Flambe cat, in a classic sitting pose highlighting the elegance and sleekness of the cat form. As well

Two Samson of Paris Plates

Two Samson of Paris Plates. These pretty plates have been extremely well decorated in an 18th century Worcester style .

Two Limoges Boxes

Two Limoge Boxes. These little boxes are very attractive and highly collectable. One is in the form of a casket

Pair of Samson of Paris Famille Rose Dishes

Pair of Samson of Paris Famille Rose Dishes. This good pair of dishes has a basket to its centre filled

Pair of Kutahya Iznik Lidded Pots

Pair of Kutahya Iznik Lidded Pots. A pair of very attractive bowls, bold in colour and with strong lines. Reds

19th Century Samson of Paris Bowl

19th Century Samson of Paris Bowl. This stunning late 19th century piece is a fine example of the famous French

Sevres Porcelain Vase

Sevres Porcelain Vase. This lovely vase from the great french manufacturers comes in a stunning blue with additional gold decoration.

Two Royal Worcester Cabinet Plates

Two Superb Royal Worcester Cabinet Plates. These fine plates have been painted by Royal Worcester artists Hughes and Skerrett. A

Pair of Royal Worcester Kingfisher Vases

Pair of Royal Worcester King Fisher Vases. This beautiful pair of Royal Worcester vases have been exquisitely painted by the

Japanese Double Gourd Vases

Japanese Double Gourd Vases. An attractive pair of vases from early 20th century Japan. Each vase is in the form

Continental Tea Caddy

Continental Tea Caddy. This nice early 20th century caddy is heavily inspired by the Japanese culture .The body has brightly

Royal Worcester Baluster Vase

Royal Worcester Baluster Vase. This pretty example from the Royal Worcester factory has a beautiful peacock sat upon a perch

Clarice Cliff Lilypad Vase

Art Deco Lilypad Vase by Clarice Cliff of Newport Pottery Co. in England. With pale pink glaze on the petals

Moorcroft Chocolate Cosmos Vase

Moorcroft Chocolate Cosmos Vase. This beautiful little vase from Moorcroft has a modern design from 2013. The decoration is in

Royal Worcester Scalloped Edge Dish

Royal Worcester Scalloped Edge Dish. This fine piece from the Worcester factory is superbly decorated with fallen fruit. The fruit

Royal Worcester Pin Dish By Roberts

Royal Worcester Pin Dish by Roberts. This petit piece of Royal Worcester is nicely decorated with peaches and grapes .

Royal Worcester Fallen Fruit Dish

Royal Worcester Fallen Fruit Dish. A fine litttle example of fallen fruit. This frilled dish sits on a part gilded

Beswick Trotting Shire Horse

Gentle, Beswick ‘Trotting Horse (Shire)’ Model No. 975. Large dapple grey stallion with a gloss finish and a strong muscular