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Treenware (5)

George III Silver Tea Urn

George III Silver Tea Urn. A stunning early example of a Georgian Urn. Large in size with oversized handles a

Art Nouveau Aspreys Christopher Dresser Silver Milk & Sugar

Art Nouveau Aspreys Christopher Dresser Silver Milk & Sugar. A stunning pair of silver tableware, crafted in 1907 by the

19th Century Surgical Amputation Set

19th Century Surgical Amputation Set. This scarce set is by Young of Edinburgh and is circa 1870. The set includes

19th Century Amputation Set

19th Century Amputation Set. A fine amputation set in bespoke brass bound mahogany case. The interior is lined with red

Victorian Surgical Set

Victorian Surgical Set. A complete surgical set from Brady & Martin Ltd ( Newcastle-upon-Tyne). The set comes in an original

George III Silver Candlesticks by John Parsons & Co

George III Silver Candlesticks by John Parsons & Co. Fabulous pieces of silver from arguably the greatest maker of candlesticks.

Pair of Three Branch Silver Candelabra

Pair of Three Branch Silver Candelabra. A stunning pair of silver Candelabra in fantastic condition. Classic in form with traditional

Georgian Apothecary Box

Georgian Apothecary Box. A fine Georgian Apothecary box circa 1830. A nice dark mahogany box is lined with red material

Large Silver Rose Bowl

Large Silver Rose Bowl. This fabulous large silver rose bowl by Charles Edwards and hallmarked for London in 1911, embodies

Pair of Walker & Hall Silver Octagonal Dish

Pair of Walker & Hall Silver Octagonal Dishes. This exquisite pair of silver octagonal dishes exudes timeless elegance, embodying the

19th Century French Pocket Surgical Set

19th Century French Pocket Surgical Set. An unusually comprehensive surgical set by Charriere, Collin & Cie. The set includes needles,

Princess Mary Tin with Contents

Princess Mary Tin with Contents. A superb example of this Christmas Tin donated to the troops of the first world

Rare 19th Century wood Specimen Box

Rare 19th Century Wood Specimen Box. A unique piece from 19th Century Britain. Displayed in a bespoke box and originally

19th Century Brass & Enamel Triptych

19th Century Brass & Enamel Triptych. Exquisite 19th-century brass triptych, adorned with remnants of vivid enamel artwork. Amidst the aged

Stunning Veronique Pattern Lalique Bowl

Stunning Lalique Bowl. The Lalique Veronique Pattern bowl is a mesmerizing work of art, meticulously crafted to evoke the beauty

Fire in a Cornfield by David Wilde

Original price was: £1,030.00.Current price is: £600.00.
Fire in a Cornfield by David Wilde. A fabulous painting by British artist David Wilde ( 1913-1974) from his ‘

Victorian Watson Binocular Microscope

Victorian Watson Binocular Microscope. A superb microscope from the famous makers and made from brass with bespoke Spanish Mahogany case.

Fine Pair of Quality Silver Victorian Chambersticks

Fine Pair of Quality Silver Chambersticks. Thes wonderful chambersticks are late Victorian with swirl handles, detachable sconces both with circular

Black Forest Group of Chamoise

Black Forest Group of Chamoise. This late 19th-century Black Forest carving features a group of three chamoise, meticulously hand-carved from

George IV Silver Wine Funnel

George IV Silver Wine Funnel. This stunning George IV Silver Wine Funnel by renowned silversmith Charles Fox showcases masterful craftsmanship

Early 19th Century Brass Drum Microscope by W. E. & F. Newton

A wonderful brass drum style microscope by W. E. & F. Newton of Fleet Street, London, in its padded mahogany

Minton Cherub with Cornucopia

Minton Cherub with Cornucopia. This wonderful Minton Cherub figurine, crafted circa 1876-1877, embodies the qulaities of Minton. Adorned with celestial

Bronze Bust Titled “Flor Agreste”

Bronze Bust Titled Flor Agreste. A beautiful bronze bust of a young girl with delicate features, a nice attention to

Copper Ship’s Masthead Lantern by ‘Smith & Barnes’

A wonderful polished copper masthead navigation lantern or lamp from a ship, this has the brass label for the Newcastle