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Italian Glass Bottles – Available individually

Great looking Italian glass bottles varying in shades of green. All in good condition and dated 1910s. Available individually –

Large 19th Century Cut Glass Vase

This wonderful piece of 19th century glass is in the form of a pedestal vase. A substantial piece of glass

19th Century Pinchbeck Fob

A good 19th century pinchbeck fob. This lovely fob is large and has been highly decorated with a heavy baroque

Hukin & Heath Whisky Decanter

A good example of a whisky decanter or ‘Glug Glug’ by the renowned Hukin & Heath. A fabulous modernist design

Ruby Glass Vinaigrette

A lovely little ruby glass & silver gilt vinaigrette in the form of an acorn. A beautiful colour and fine

Edwardian Silver Mounted Scent Bottle

A lovely Edwardian glass silver mounted scent bottle. In cranberry glass of faceted cylindrical form. Condition is good with only

Webb Corbett Glass Bowl

Webb Corbett Glass Bowl. This wonderfully colourful bowl is from the renowned manufacturer and designers Webb Corbett. Webb Corbett were

Cut Glass Decanter with Silver Collar

A cut glass decanter with silver collar. This beautiful piece is in the Kuttrolf style with a stylised engraved stopper.

Victorian Etched perfume bottle

A very pretty ruby red perfume bottle with etched naturalistic decoration. Largely in good condition although there is a very

Silver topped scent bottle

Very pretty cut glass scent bottle with spherical base, long elegant neck and decorated silver top. English from around 1900.

Set of 9 apothecary jars

Collection of 9 Victorian apothecary jars with original labels. Varying sizes 2 large, 4 medium and 3 small. All in

Oval painting on glass

Beautiful oval reverse painting on glass. Brass frame with augmented by Royal blue stones. Signed Willey, circa 1930. Perfect condition.

Large Modernist pitcher jug

A good, large cut glass Modernist pitcher jug. Brass top, handle and spout and frosted glass body with very stylish

Decorated Cranberry glass bowl

Very pretty Cranberry glass hinged bowl decorated with enamel and gilt around a rose cartouche. Good condition and very decorative.

Cut glass decanter

Lovely cut glass decanter. Bulbous base decorated with cut glass flowers. Short, slender neck stepped spout and elegant curved handle.

Apothecary bottle and case

A good 19th century bottle with original stopper in beautiful boxwood case. Good condition and excellent patina to case. English

6 red glasses

Set of 6 drinking glasses. Circular, etched bases, shaped and cut stems with red coloured and etched decorated tops. Dating

6 blue cut glasses

Set of 6 cut glass drinking glasses. Standing on circular cut glass bases with ling stems and vivid blue tops

20th Century Silver Topped Perfume Bottle’s

A lovely set of silver topped perfume bottles. Designed and made in the early part of the 20th century by