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20th Century Bronze of Mother and Daughter

20th Century Bronze of Mother and Daughter. This nice bronze is of a mother teaching her daughter how to play

Nathaniel Gilbert Portrait Painting

An attractive portrait of a youthful man with detailed information about the sitter. Artist unknown. Information on an aged paper

Red & White Band Stands

Pair of red and white band stands with the letters ‘F’ and ‘J’ interlocked. Unusual and very unique pair vibrantly

Oil on Canvas ‘ A Horse Called Dolly’

Oil on Canvas ‘ A Horse Called Dolly’. An extremely interesting Oil on Canvas from the renowned equine artist Henry

1950s Seaside Advertisement

Hand painted Mid 20th Century seaside advertisement. The advertisement comically portrays a couple and text which reads “A second honeymoon?

1950s Beach Scene Sign

Large hand-painted beach advertisement stand. Cheeky and cheerful item which is bound to bring a smile to anyone viewing it.

Signed 1950s Oil On Board Landscape

Abstract and bold signed landscape, oil on board and framed. An assortment of shapes portrayed in the foreground on a

Miniature Of An Elizabethan Lady

Superb Watercolour Miniature Of An Elizabethan Lady. This wonderful piece of art work is by the renowned artist Susan Monk.

Amanda Richardson Abstract Painting

A very abstract painting with vibrant block colours as well as highlights of blue and yellow. Artist: Amanda Richardson Provence:

Abstract Vase Oil on Board

Abstract still life oil painting of a vase and flowers. Vibrant geometric shapes representing the bouquet. Unsigned and framed in

Tabletop Still Life – Oil on Board

Bright and bold, semi-abstract, tabletop still life. Depicts an orange fish and a coffee grinder with small bowls of fruit.

Joe Tilson – Namings and Origins Print

Powerful, bold, contemporary print of Joe Tilson’s, ‘Namings and Origins’. Exceptional print for those looking to spice up an office,

Gerd Winner – Waterloo Station Print

Impactful, monochromatic print of Gerd Winner’s ‘Waterloo Station’. Winner is a German artist well-known for his urban screen prints. The

Cornish Landscape Mixed Media

‘Cornish Landscape’. Abstract mixed media, paint and hessian on board. Deep tones of red and black with highlights of other

George Armfield Style Oil Painting

Mid 19th century painting of a white horse. This wonderful little oil on board painting is in the style of

John Kiki Acrylic Painting

A wonderful figurative painting of a plane, based in east Argentina by John Kiki (signed at the bottom). The painting

Large Oil Painting by B. M. CONWAY

A large and wonderful wintery landscape painting by B. M. Conway with 1 cock and 3 hens foraging and eating

Oil on Canvas of a Chesnut Mare

20th century oil on canvas of a Chesnut Mare. This good example of a fine beast in its stable has

Pair of Bird & Lute Carved Figures

A charming pair of carved oak standing figures holding a bird and lute flemish. In good condition, Made in the

T. Prince 1917 “Arab tent”

A stunning canvas painting by T. Prince in 1917 named “Arab tent” in which there are serval animals taking shelter

Robert Morden Worcester map

An Edwardian framed Robert Morden map of Worcester, great detail and quality. In good condition, dated 1695 and originated in

Robert Morden Northamptonshire map

A framed Robert Morden map of Northamptonshire, great detail and quality. Dated 1766 and originated in the UK. H =

Oval painting on glass

Beautiful oval reverse painting on glass. Brass frame with augmented by Royal blue stones. Signed Willey, circa 1930. Perfect condition.

Matched pair of Art Deco wall sconces

A very stylish near pair of Art Deco wall sconces circa 1930. Asymmetrical tubular column curving around leafs and foliage