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Set of 3 Malt Shovels

Antique set of 3 Malt Shovels. Featuring characterful age related wear and patina overall. A lovely smooth finish to the

Fred Scott – Hille Supporto Low Back Stools Without Arms

Set of 4 Hille Supporto Low back Stools without arms designed by Fred Scott in 1976 and launched in 1979.

George Nathan Silver Bridge Box

Edwardian Silver Bridge Box. This superb piece of silver is elongated in form and substantial with enough room to accommodate

World War One Trench Map Hazebrouck 5A

World War One Trench Map Hazebrouck 5A. An interesting piece of First World War memorabilia. An original trench map of

Silver Sauce Boat

An early 20th century silver sauce boat with an unusual design . A Georgian stlyed body and feet are complemented

Carved Victorian Buffet

Victorian Buffet made from Oak with amazingly detailed carvings. A very grand piece of furniture, in good condition with slight