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Royal Worcester Baluster Vase

Royal Worcester Baluster Vase. This pretty example from the Royal Worcester factory has a beautiful peacock sat upon a perch

Clarice Cliff Lilypad Vase

Art Deco Lilypad Vase by Clarice Cliff of Newport Pottery Co. in England. With pale pink glaze on the petals

Moorcroft Chocolate Cosmos Vase

Moorcroft Chocolate Cosmos Vase. This beautiful little vase from Moorcroft has a modern design from 2013. The decoration is in

Royal Worcester Scalloped Edge Dish

Royal Worcester Scalloped Edge Dish. This fine piece from the Worcester factory is superbly decorated with fallen fruit. The fruit

Royal Worcester Pin Dish By Roberts

Royal Worcester Pin Dish by Roberts. This petit piece of Royal Worcester is nicely decorated with peaches and grapes .

Royal Worcester Fallen Fruit Dish

Royal Worcester Fallen Fruit Dish. A fine litttle example of fallen fruit. This frilled dish sits on a part gilded

Lemanceau Elephants

Lemanceau Elephants. This fabulous art deco piece by the renowned Charles Lemanceau (born Paris 1905) was manufactured in the 1930s.

Beswick Trotting Shire Horse

Gentle, Beswick ‘Trotting Horse (Shire)’ Model No. 975. Large dapple grey stallion with a gloss finish and a strong muscular

Moorcroft Hibiscus Bowl

Morcroft Hibiscus Bowl. This classic piece of Moorcroft has a strong green glaze and decorated with yellow and crimson hibiscus.

Royal Doulton Flambe Elephant

Royal Doulton Flambe Elephant. This good piece of early 20th century Royal Doulton Flambe comes in the form of an

Royal Doulton Flambe Bowl

Royal Doulton Flambe Bowl. A fabulous Royal Doulton Flambe Bowl with the classic fiery glaze. The silhouette of a path

Moorcroft Lamp

Moorcroft Lamp. This stunning large Moorcroft lamp has a lovely light blue glaze applied and is heavily decorated in exotic

Beswick Palamino Prancing Horse

Beswick Palamino Prancing Horse. This lovely piece of Beswick captures the movement and joy of the equine beast perfectly. Expressive

Beswick Palamino Horse

Beswick Palamino Horse. This beautiful piece of Beswick is in the form of a fine standing Palamino horse. Wonderfully coloured

Early 20th Century Sitzendorf Parrot

Early 20th Century Sitzendorf Parrot. This wonderfully colourful bird sits atop a tree brach covered in green foliage .The bird

Art Deco Myott Diamond Vase

Art Deco Myott Diamond Vase. This colourful art deco vase by Myott is a classic of its type. Decorated in

Troika Wheel Vase

Troika Wheel Vase. A nice wheel vase from Troika. Part glazed with an abstract face to one side and an

Troika Coffin Vase

Troika Coffin vase. A nice example of Troika. This popular Coffin Vase is a tickman type and has a part

Royal Doulton Flambe Stag Vase

Royal Doulton Flambe Stag Vase. This striking piece of Royal Doulton has a brilliant flambe glaze and is tall in

Royal Doulton Flambe Duck

Royal Doulton Flambe Duck. This pleasant little duck can be found in the resting position. A deep red flambe glaze

9 Flow Blue Storage Jars

Collection of 9 Flow Blue storage jars. Classic European earthenware for the kitchen, impressive as a set with 7 French

19th Century Continental Sifter

19th Century Continental Sifter. This pretty little sifter from the 19th century is heavily decorated with the royal blue bands

Samson of Paris Canaries

Samson of Paris Canaries. A very pretty pair of Samson of Paris canaries. Beautifully formed and decorated with a vivid

Royal Worcester Vase

Royal Worcester Vase. A pretty Royal Worcester vase. A fine neck tapers down into a large body which is beautifully