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Amanda Richardson Abstract Painting

A very abstract painting with vibrant block colours as well as highlights of blue and yellow. Artist: Amanda Richardson Provence:

Royal Doulton Flambe Vase

Royal Doulton Flambe vase, signed ‘Noke’ with the number ‘7754’ and Royal Doulton mark. This vase displays the typical deep

Two Limoges Boxes

Two Limoge Boxes. These little boxes are very attractive and highly collectable. One is in the form of a casket

Pair of Kutahya Iznik Lidded Pots

Pair of Kutahya Iznik Lidded Pots. A pair of very attractive bowls, bold in colour and with strong lines. Reds

Art Nouveau Pewter Bowl

Art Nouveau Pewter Bowl. The pretyy piece of Continental Art Nouveau Pewter is in the form of an oval bowl.

Japanese Meiji Period Paitinated Vase

Japanese Meiji Period Patinated Vase. This wonderful liitle bronze and mixed metal vase is a fine example from Meiji period(

American Boston Child’s Rocking Chair

Dear and precious child’s rocking chair made in the Boston style with a rattan seat. Delicately painted in a floral

M. Ballieux – Winter Wonderland Scene

Tranquil, Winter Wonderland Scene. The cool toned scene displays a park bench amidst a blanket of snow and trees. The

M. Ballieux – Promenade Scene

Icey, Promenade Scene painted by Belgian artist, M. Ballieux. Depicting a serene, urban riverside with trees and park benches lined

Joe Tilson – Namings and Origins Print

Powerful, bold, contemporary print of Joe Tilson’s, ‘Namings and Origins’. Exceptional print for those looking to spice up an office,

Royal Worcester Vase

Royal Worcester Vase. A pretty Royal Worcester vase. A fine neck tapers down into a large body which is beautifully

Pair of 19th Century Imari Vases

Pair of 19th Century Imari Vases. These highly desirable pair of double gourd Imari vases are decorated in the traditional

Cornish Landscape Mixed Media

‘Cornish Landscape’. Abstract mixed media, paint and hessian on board. Deep tones of red and black with highlights of other

Pair Chinese Vases on Stands

Pair of Chinese vases on stands. An attractive pair of vases decorated with stylised flora and on one can be

John Kiki Acrylic Painting

A wonderful figurative painting of a plane, based in east Argentina by John Kiki (signed at the bottom). The painting

Large 19th Century Cut Glass Vase

This wonderful piece of 19th century glass is in the form of a pedestal vase. A substantial piece of glass

Murano Amethyst Vase

A superb Murano Amethyst glass vase . This stunning piece from the famous city of Venice has a beautiful colouration

17th Century Walnut Swag

A carved 17th century walnut swag with fantastic detail and charm. Dated 1680s, in good original condition and from the

Pair of Bird & Lute Carved Figures

A charming pair of carved oak standing figures holding a bird and lute flemish. In good condition, Made in the

Carved Putto Head & Wings

A wonderful carved Putto head and wings with fine detail. in good overall condition with a slight split across to

Chinese Watercolour Painting

A fine genuine antique Chinese watercolour painting on rice paper circa 1900. Figures from Chinese mythology including the eight immortals