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Carved Alligator With Glass Eyes

An unusual wooden alligator with Glass eyes. This interesting piece is from the early part of the 20th century. Skillfully

Carved African Head

A beautifully carved head of a striking male figure. Stunning features with a prominent jaw and a real attention to

Webb Corbett Glass Bowl

Webb Corbett Glass Bowl. This wonderfully colourful bowl is from the renowned manufacturer and designers Webb Corbett. Webb Corbett were

Pair of bronze urns

A pair of bronze urns. This pair of french urns are wonderfully decorated with a beautifully cast cherub holding on

Ammonite Section

A polished Ammonite, with beautiful striations. Coloured grey black and brown this is a nice example. Thenitem 8s in great

Robert Morden Worcester map

An Edwardian framed Robert Morden map of Worcester, great detail and quality. In good condition, dated 1695 and originated in

Poole pottery charger

Poole pottery charger designed by Alan Clarke. Depicting a Knight on horse back in bright colours on a black background.

Pair of Shelley vases

Stylish pair of Shelley pottery vases decorated with cranes on a striking burnt orange background. Dating to around 1910. Good